Friday, May 8, 2015

Week 3 - Nagasaki, 12 total :)

April 26th, 2015

I don't have much time today but I wanted to share a few things. First just some funny quirks of Japan:
  • Almost every house has a glow in the dark key hole so that at night you don't scratch up your door trying to get in the house! Genius!
  • Almost every house has a doorbell with a camera and microphone and sometimes a light too, so we never know if the person is looking at us or not. So I just pretend they are and smile ignorantly at the camera until no one answers or they tell me to go away ;P
  • Also, almost every new house here looks super modern and really cool on the outside. But when you get closer, the material is like cardboard. It looks like its nice hardwood or red brick, but really it's just painted to look like it.
  • Our Landlords have our household name as Jesus because we have the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints on our front door. 
  • Politics just ended but they've been going on for a while now. Their politics here are very interesting. The politician endorsers drive around with a megaphone shouting their position. They have the car full of people in colored jumpsuits indicating the politician whether its bright pink or baby blue. The people in the car are wearing white gloves, waving to everyone as they go by. It is quite obnoxious. But, the people are fun to wave to because they get really excited and over the megaphone say: Thank you Foreigners! (in Japanese) Its been fun to wave at them.
On a more spiritual note:

I have been reading in 1 Nephi of the Book of Mormon and it just amazes me that Prophets prophesied of events 2000 years before they even happened! in 1 Nephi 13, Nephi prophecies about Christopher Columbus and others coming over to America. It even talks about the battles for independence between Britain and the Americans. It just strengthened my testimony so much of the truthfulness of this gospel! I am so grateful to be sharing this message with the people of Japan!!
We taught our new 15 year old investigator, Akane Chan, two lessons this week! She said yes to baptism and as soon as we can meet with her again we plan on setting a specific date. 
Last week on the street we met a 21 year old girl named Mihara. She is in her first year of college and is studying Economics. She showed up to the first lesson and said that she had read 25 pages from the Book of Mormon; we had only asked her to read the introduction! We taught her a lesson about God, Jesus Christ and baptism. She said that her heart became warm during the lesson and she said yes to the baptismal invite!!

Lowe Shimai
 Temple trip w/Klein Shimai

 Our Mission Car - just kidding!  Just some random Ferrari in our parking lot

Cool fish kite things they hang for a holiday called Kids' Day!

 Making Japanese Donuts

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  1. Sarah looks very happy to be teaching the Gospel in Japan!