Friday, May 8, 2015

Week 4 - Nagasaki

May 3, 2015

There was no letter this week, but Sarah sent a ton of pictures!  I can't wait to skype with her on Mothers Day!

My bike! I call her Lady bug (:
View from the apartment window!

My futon! This is where I sleep!!

 We had FHE with some members! 

and these are two sons of a Recent Convert!

 we hiked and hiked and hiked and got to see this beautiful view!
View from the top of a Ferris wheel! There is one at the mall here!

 Klein Shimai and I inside the Ferris wheel

  there was an awesome ship festival here!!

Some girls from the English Class we teach!
all of the different coins they use here! 
500; 100; 50; 10; 5; 1

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