Monday, July 6, 2015

Transfer Week, Wk 12

Tuesday June 28, 2015

So this last week was super crazy!  We got transfer calls really late on Tuesday night, 9:30 pm and found out that Klein Shimai would transfer to Fukuoka on Thursday morning! She's been here for about 6 months I think and it was really hard for her to leave, she loves the people here so much!! So yeah we were busy getting her all packed up on Wednesday and then my new companion Clements Shimai came in from Okinawa, which is far away so I spent most of Thursday at a members house doing my best to communicate in Japanese! it was fun! She likes veggie smoothies too, so we made some together (: 

Clements Shimai is really awesome, she's a lot of fun to be around and I've really enjoyed working with her for the past couple days! This next transfer is 7 weeks long so we've got lots of time together!!

The high light of this week was Kou Yamamoto's Baptism! He's 8, his mom was baptized two years ago and she is such an awesome single mom! After he was baptized he was SO happy, it was amazing!

Much love Everyone!!
Lowe Shimai
I was so excited to receive a package from home, which included this picture from Emily!                                                            

 Kou Yamamoto's Baptism!
Yamamoto's sons before the baptism! they are so adorable!

Klein Shimai and I went to the Nagasaki Penguin Aquarium! They were just walking around the beach!!

Hundreds of elementary students painted these three giant murals to celebrate/promote peace in Japan and around the World, we filled up their paint bottles!

Saying Farewell to Klein Shimai
We made Gyoza, which is a Chinese food, and two of our Friends from China came!

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  1. I am sure it was hard to say good-bye to your first companion, but joyous knowing that you have made a friend for life and even forever. I am happy that you like your new companion. A mission is so good because you learn to be so flexible; and learn so much about other people. Love and Prayers, Grandma