Monday, July 6, 2015

my grace is sufficient for thee - Wk 13

Monday July 6, 2015

Sorry it's short this week but I hope you enjoy the pictures!

In celebration of the Fourth of July, we wore red, white and blue, sang hymns about America, talked about why we love America basically all day, and had the only American food in Nagasaki besides KFC - McDonalds! It was definitely a lot different than I've ever celebrated it before! But still fun! It was a little strange to be here where nobody else was celebrating.
We met a really really nice lady the other day and she invited us back to have Okonomiyaki which is like a savory eggy pancake with cabbage and such with a barbecue like sauce and dried fish on top. It was really yummy!

Yuki Chan is still doing awesome! She came to church for the first time yesterday and really liked it, she said she felt really peaceful during the service!

Since coming out, I've realized how important member missionary work is! It's just as, if not more important than normal missionary work! The missionaries move around and change, but the members will be there when the missionaries aren't! And so we need awesome member missionaries to share the gospel and also to help those who are new!

This week I've been focusing my scripture studying on "weaknesses". Why do we have weaknesses? And I found some really great scriptures. My favorite is when the Savior says in 2Corinthians12:7,9 "my grace is sufficient for thee for my strength is made perfect in weakness".  Our weaknesses help us rely on the Lord for strength and when we rely on the Lord and have faith that he can help us, he truly will give us strength to become better.

I love you all!
Lowe Shimai

The lady who made us Okonomiyaki also gave us these stuffed animals! And a bunch of other random stuff!

 Meal with the Matono family! They are so awesome!

Clinger choro made us bread
After church with adorable Reika chan
Sunday dinner with the Ohira family
The infamous Nato (fermented soybeans) it's really webby and the
Japanese people love it! Usually missionaries think it's disgusting,
It's not too bad once you get over the texture, which is super webby, and kind of like mucus but it's not terrible.  They usually eat it for breakfast here, some people like to mix in a raw egg with it...yum
 This is Aiko Shimai and her adorable baby!
View from our apartment at sunset
View from a members house
Awesome flowers!

Here is a picture that someone else's mom posted on Facebook :)

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  1. Wow Sarah, you are learning so much about their food, their culture, the people, the plants--everything! That is awesome!