Monday, August 10, 2015

I love being a missionary!

Monday July 13, 2015

Yesterday we went to Saga to meet our new Mission President, Egan Kaicho and his wife. They are such an awesome couple! They came in and greeted each missionary by name and already knew their hometown as well! They said they've been studying our pictures for 6 months now! We just met them but we could already feel the love they have for us! Egan Kaicho has worked for the Amusement Park industry for about 40 years now. He seems like a really cool person. I'm excited for them to be our new Mission Leaders!

We met with Yuki Chan a couple times this week, she was able to come to church again, which is awesome! We taught her last night about how important prayer is. She has such a strong desire to follow Christ. We also met with Shiori Chan who has been investigating the Church off and on. She loves the members and comes to church when she can, but she's just not sure if she really believes in it. Clements Shimai and I have been thinking and praying a lot about how to help her come to know that God is really there. And we realized that it really all comes down to praying and asking, believing that God will answer you, if He really is there. 

This is one of the reasons I love being a missionary is because everyday I get to reflect back on experiences that have helped me come to know that God and Jesus Christ truly exist. When we wanted to help Shiori have that same experience, we thought back to the very essential acts of faith. One of which is prayer. I haven't seen God or Jesus Christ. But I know they exist. I know because of the truly indescribable peace and strength I've been able to receive even in the most difficult trials of my life. I know because when I put my Faith in Him, and pray for help, guidance, and strength, He guides and strengthens me in a way that by no other means would I be able to receive. 

We went to a make your own type of place, so much fun!  This is Okonomiyaki, before we mix it up and cook it (above);  Okonomiyaki being cooked (below):

Okonomiyaki after we cook it:

Dessert at the Okonomiyaki place, not really sure what it is
was good

Tried real Ramen for the first time! It was delicious! It's one of Clements Shimai's favorite foods 

More Ramen

 Our two friends that are visiting from China joined us for Ramen, they
are so much fun!

We found a super cute children's bathroom in a mall!

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