Monday, August 10, 2015

Week 15

Monday July 20, 2015

The weather has been pretty nice, its getting hot but it feels good to get outside and sweat. It feels like when we sweat a lot, we are working hard!  We went on Splits this week, I went to Sasebo and was with a Japanese missionary! It was so fun! We spoke Japanese pretty much the entire time, from Thursday night to Saturday afternoon.  Luckily she understands a lot of English so when I didn't know how to say something in Japanese, she could understand the jist of it in English :) 

This week in Relief Society we read Chapter 13 in the teachings of Ezra Taft Benson about the importance of the Temple.  The Temple is such an amazing place, how wonderful is it that we have a place on Earth where we can do work that lasts for eternity. It's hard to fully understand the entire scope of the Temple, but I do know that the work we do in the Temple and the promises we make there are eternally significant. 

Sorry it's so short this week!  
I love you all!
Lowe Shimai

This is one of my favorite pictures of Christ, when he is in Gethsemane and an
angel comes to comfort him.

More Ramen! (above) More Okonomiyaki a member made for us! (right)
Me and Kawahara Shimai! (below) We went on splits together in Sasebo! She taught me how to make Okonomiyaki!
This is Tonkatsu it's delicious!
You grind up your own sesame seeds! So Fun!

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