Friday, July 8, 2016

So grateful for Mothers

Sasebo week 17 - wk 65 in Japan, wk 74 total

Monday July 4, 2016

Unfortunately I did not receive an email from Sarah this week.  However, I did receive emails from two members that she has met in Japan.  One woman relayed:  Your wonderful daughter is serving in our Branch right now.  She is a wonderful young lady and has been a blessing to our Branch and family.  When we first met her she had a big, friendly smile on her face.  My 15 year old daughter was happily impressed with Sis Lowe!  Awhile ago, Sis Lowe offered to come to my house to help me organize.  She and the other Sisters have come at least three times...maybe four, to help me go through things and purge!  It has been such a huge help to me.  We have had such fun!  I love your daughter.  She has been a wonderful example to my soon to be missionary son (leaving for the New York, New York North mission in Sept) and my impressionable 15 year old daughter. Thanks for sharing your wonderful daughter with us!

The other woman wrote:  I am currently visiting my parents in Sasebo until mid-August. I met your daughter so I took pics of her and her companion and sending them to you. They were on their way to go teach English to a community in Ainoura.  Let me know if I can do something for your daughter. The missionaries are really loved here. There's a church member who feeds everyone after church finishes at 4 almost every week and I saw them eating and smiling as well. Last Sunday she served miso soup and hashed beef and rice. I have a son serving his mission in the Philippines. He left in November :) So let me know if there's anything I can do for your daughter.

--Ok back to me, I am so grateful for this Church. For the Gospel.  For the mothers in Japan who are watching out for my daughter.  For the opportunity to watch out for other mothers' children when they serve missions where I live. 

Hopefully we will hear from Sarah next week, but I am glad I was able to share this experience with all of you.


Sarah's Mom

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