Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Great week in Maebaru! (wk 11) - Week 29

Monday October 26, 2015

This was a week full of great things, i don't have a lot of time but here's the run down:
  • Sunday: We met a SUPER awesome Lady named Yurika, who just walked up to us smiling and told us she was Christian too! We were able to meet with her on Tuesday and Wednesday and she is the sweetest lady I've ever met. We found out today she's on bed rest because she's having a baby in two weeks, so we may not be able to see her for a little bit.
  • Monday: The Zone Leaders have an awesome friend who invited us over for dinner. Turns out he is a famous chef and has owned several prestigious restaurants that only famous people or politicians went to. Now he's retired and loves throwing food parties! We had fancy expensive Japanese food like snail and a variety of raw fish. It was so cool!
  • Tuesday: We had an awesome lesson with a sweet lady we met a couple weeks ago. 
  • Wednesday: We met a lady from Egypt that moved here three weeks ago, doesn't speak any Japanese and was looking for a phone. So we walked with her to a couple of different resale shops looking for a cheap phone and then went to a phone store to buy a plan and SIM card with her. She literally speaks no Japanese, but she tries to talk to the Japanese people in English and is flabbergasted when they don't know what she's saying. It was so funny! I don't know how she would have done that if we hadn't stopped and helped her! By the time we finished it was 8:30 pm and she said she was just going to find a bus home, but all the bus stops are in Kanji and are super hard to figure out. So we called a friend who was able to drive her home. That was exciting!
  • Friday: the Sister Training Leaders came and went on Splits with us and I got to go with my Trainer Klein Shimai! It was so fun because now I can actually kind of speak Japanese!
And today, we are going to the beach with all of our zone! And Transfer calls are next week and I feel like something is going to change!

I love you all! Thank you for the love and Support!
  my trainer Klein Shimai and I reunited!


  1. Sounds like you had a busy week. I am glad you were able to connect with Klein Shimai again, I know you really got along well with her. I can't believe you have been out for 29 weeks! Love you, Grandma

  2. Sarah it sounds like you're having the time of your life! I can feel your anthusiasm when you write, it's so nice to be able to hear about all your great experiences.