Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Maeburu (wk 8) - Week 26!

Tuesday October 6, 2015

I've been studying about people in the scriptures and their different experiences. There are a lot that have similar experiences to us as missionaries. So many Book of Mormon missionaries went out to preach the gospel and people rejected them. But, Jesus Christ never left them. He was always there to give them strength and encouragement even when His missionaries were getting spit on and cast into prison. It's really helped me put into perspective that this work has never been easy. Even Jesus Christ the Son of God was rejected, even killed. I know that He doesn't want us to give up or be discouraged. I know He wants us to put ourselves aside and rely on Him. And when we do that, we will always be successful in His eyes.

We had interviews with our mission President this week and it was exactly what I needed. He reassured me that I was doing well and that as I focus more on those I am serving, the Lord will be able to make me a tool in His hands.  I am working hard to become the missionary He can always rely on.

We have an investigator, Sumie that is really cool. We taught her the restoration on Wednesday and she was so accepting of it! She really understood why having prophets is important. She also came to a ward activity we had on Saturday, we had dinner and watched fireworks with the ward members, it was so much fun. The ward members here are awesome. There are about 12 active families in our ward and most of them are over 50 years old. But they are all so willing to help us in our missionary work, coming to lessons with us and fellowshipping our investigators. They are so wonderful.

Also, we had an awesome opportunity to see two baptisms on Saturday! Klein Shimai and our Zone Leaders each had an investigator be baptized! It was such a sweet blessing to see. It really changed my perspective. Being in Japan, I don't really expect to see a lot of people receive baptism, but during the baptism, I felt so strongly that the Lord really is preparing His children here to make these sacred, eternally essential covenants with Him. It's our job to find them!

 We visited a Buddhist temple, one of the oldest in Japan!

 Our zone when we went to the mission home/
temple for interviews with our mission president!

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  1. We had two adult convert Baptisms in our Ward this week, it is wonderful to see the changes that the Gospel of Jesus Christ makes in peoples lives who really embrace it. It helps our testimonies grow stronger when we help others. You are doing GREAT Sarah. Love, Grandma