Sunday, September 27, 2015

Maebaru (wk 7) - Week 25

Monday September 28, 2015

This last week has been super interesting! It was transfer week and we thought none of us were transferring since they just put us here but one of the other sisters did transfer! So we helped her get ready a lot! In her place a brand new missionary from America came! She worked in the MTC [Missionary Training Center] cafeteria with me! I didn't know here very well but still a cool coincidence! Her name is Magleby Shimai. From Arizona! On Wednesday we went to Fukuoka, where all the new missionaries are before they go to their assigned areas. After their training on
Wednesday, we took them out into the city and talked to people! I went with Sister Walker; she's from New Zealand, and was really excited to talk to people! It's hard though because MTC Japanese doesn't help a whole lot with talking to people briefly on the Streets, I tried to involve her as much as I could! It was cool though to see how much I can speak now, compared to 5 months ago when I first got here! I can hold real conversations with people! My voice was so tired though! I basically spoke Japanese for like 4 hours straight! We came home exhausted, but it was a lot of fun.

Friday was an interesting day! We went out to explore a new area and ended up biking to the other
side of our area, almost to the ocean! We had no idea though. We ended up in the middle of nowhere but we found a HUGE junior high school. We needed to use the bathroom and there was a business close by so we went there, it turned out to be an essential oils place where you can make your own lotion! It was so bizarre because it was the middle of nowhere!! It was an interesting and fun day! We also met someone from Argentina this week! That was cool.

Thank you for the love and support!

Lowe Shimai

Packard Shimai and I helped out with Sumie sans Eikaiwa class! They
were really embarrassed about talking to us in English!
We went and saw some really pretty rice fields 
Me and the new missionary Sister Walker met some girls
doing hip hop dances in the park!

Packard Shimai and I went to Izumi Shimai's little garden to help her get ready to plant
some new stuff! It was so fun to do this kind of work! Izumi Shimai is
so awesome. She's 75 and comes out here every morning by herself! The
last picture is of a fig she grew and bean milk she gave us after
helping! They were both delicious!

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