Sunday, September 27, 2015

Maebaru just gets better! (wk 5) - Week 23

Monday September 13, 2015

It's been a really good week! 
On Thursday we had a lesson with a young mom that went really well. She was really easy to talk to, which was nice. And then we were supposed to have a lesson with someone we had met the day before but she ended up not showing up. But! There was a mom walking in front of the church and so we went over to talk to her and ended up inviting her into the church and we were able to talk about God and how His teachings really bless families. When we invited her to learn more she said it seems important so yes I want to learn more! We were so excited! And then! To top the miracle day off with another miracle, that night we knocked on a lady's house who invited us right in to talk! She had just gone to the Grand Canyon and was really excited that we were from America. She has coworkers that are members of our church and she said she's seen the Boy missionaries and has always wanted to talk to them! We are going back to teach her tonight! That all happened in one day! It was so good. There are so many days that nobody really wants to hear what we have to say and then Heavenly Father blesses us with days like Thursday ☺

We saw a another really cool miracle on Saturday, we were coming home from a lesson that didn't work out and we stopped to talk to a girl. She had to catch a bus but she gave us her number so we could meet again. Then just an hour later she called us to see if we had time to meet that night! So we met her and talked about what we do as missionaries and shared a simple message about who God is, and we invited her to come to church, and she came! She grew up in Iran and has really strong belief in God. Packard Shimai gave a talk about the Book of Mormon, and after church we were able to teach  her about the Restoration. She is really interested in learning more! 

Unfortunately Edward was busy this week and couldn't meet or come to church, but hopefully this week we will be able to teach him soon.

I love reading the scriptures! I know that is such a missionary thing to say, but I really do! I look forward to reading them everyday because everyday I find something that helps with something specific every time. I'd like to share a scripture I found this week. It's in the Book of Mormon 3 Nephi 26:11 the Savior Jesus Christ says "I will try the faith of my people" that really stuck out to me when I read it. It is a declarative statement. We can expect to have our faith in Christ tried and tested. We can expect to have difficulties that may cause us to question whether He really is there, or if this is all worth it. But I know that as I have and will continue to have trials of faith, that He is always there to help me through them. The test is whether I will reach out for His help or not. But I know that when we rely on the Savior for strength in difficult and easy times, He is always there to help.

Until next week! Thank you for all of the prayers and love and support!

 This is the girl from Iran that we met on Saturday and then she came to church with us 
on Sunday (see 1st pic above)! She is so awesome!

 Izumi Shimai (next to me), gave me the shirt I'm 
wearing in the picture! So nice of her!
Our missionary board! 4 sister missionaries!

We found a bat by our bikes and we didn't want him to get smooshed so
we put him on our porch, but I think he flew away.
 Beautiful Maebaru

Packard Shimai got pooped on...

We found a Hard Rock Cafe in Fukuoka when we went for a district meeting on Tuesday. This may look normal to you folks back in America, but it's been so long since I've seen this kind of delicious good ol' American food! It was so much fun! And since we were foreigners, the waiting staff kept coming over and asking questions, you can tell they love foreigners coming in!

This is just a part of the Fukuoka Mission! The couple in front row on the left is
our Mission President and his wife; on the right is Elder Choi from the 
Asia North General Presidency and his wife. 
Where am I? Can you find Clements Shimai and Klein Shimai too?

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