Sunday, September 6, 2015

God will support, and keep, and preserve us; Week 18

Monday August 10, 2015

This last week was really good!
We had two awesome lessons with Mari and Shiori. With Mari we talked about how we can receive strength from Jesus Christ. Her testimony is so strong! I am so grateful to be working with her, she has so much love for her family and does everything she can to help out.  Shiori is really awesome too; we made a baptismal date as a goal for her and promised that if she really wants to know if this is truly Christ's church, she can know by then. She said she would pray about it!

We also found out on Friday that Clements Shimai is going to be training a new missionary this next transfer, which means that I probably will be leaving Nagasaki. Today we will get a call from the mission headquarters letting us know who is staying and who is leaving and who our new companions are! It's exciting and nerve wracking! I love Nagasaki so much, and I have really come to love the people I get to serve with here!

So, something I've been doing lately is really making the scriptures personal. It's been so amazing! A lot of the time in the Book of Mormon, it will address someone by name, and even if it doesn't, I rewrite the scripture with my name in it, and put it on my desk, and it's amazing how much more powerful the scripture becomes! 

Also, in personal study this morning I found another awesome scripture! In the Book of Mormon, Alma 43:4 "God will support, and keep, and preserve us, so long as we are faithful unto Him, and unto our faith, and our religion" I just love this! And I have definitely seen this truth in my life. When I am putting my faith in God and when I stand up for what I believe in, He always blesses me with strength and support. Even when life is difficult, I can feel His support and love and because of that, I can be happy even when it's hard. 
Love Always, 
Lowe Shimai

 Our District :) Clements Shimai and I are so short!

The elders in our branch, Elders Olsen and Clinger
 The closest we get to swimming as missionaries!

All the brooms in Japan look like funny!

 Japanese snacks are the Cutest!
 Japanese English sometimes doesn't make sense, but it's so funny!
(this says: Time spend in garden the relief to you)
 Me and Clements Shimai

 Me and Shiori!
Me and Maiguma Shimai! 
She's so adorable! She always bought us chocolate!
 Takako San (green dress) always brings her grandkids to the children's
English class and she invited us over for lunch!

 Delicious Ramen
 Beautiful Japan!

 Rice Fields and the Big Hill we get to ride up everyday to our apartment! 
It doesn't look as bad as it really is!

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  1. I'll bet your bike ride is keeping you in shape up that hill every day. It looks like your love of the people is growing along with your love of the Savior. Love you, Grandma.