Sunday, September 6, 2015

Music - The International language! Maebaru (wk 2) - Week 20

Monday August 24, 2015

Man. Starting from scratch in a new area is hard! But I am so grateful for Packard Shimai, because together we are so excited to work hard here in Maebaru! We have met some really cool people this week! On Friday we decided to bike out about an hour to a newer part of the city. We packed a dinner so we could stay out there all day. On our way there we randomly found a beach, so we came back and ate our picnic dinner there later! It was so beautiful!

We got to one neighborhood and heard really beautiful piano music. Packard Shimai is really musically talented and loves to play the piano, so we followed the sound of the music to a house and rang the doorbell. These two young moms came out and were immediately super friendly! We chatted about piano and where we are from, what we are doing as missionaries. One of the moms lived in Schaumburg when she was little! That's about an hour from where my family lives now! We asked to come in and listen to them play the piano and they let us right in! We talked some more and they said we could come back anytime! They were super nice! I sent a picture of them, Shoko and Yoshie.

So this morning we decided to tackle the rest of the junk that the Elders before us had just put out on the back porch. It was gross. There were moldy rags, milk cartons from last year and a lot of other random stuff. We bagged it all up and took it out to the garbage, and then scrubbed the mold off of the concrete! It is so clean now! We are so happy! The apartment finally is junk free and clean!

Packard Shimai and I are loving finding new things to cook together! It is so awesome to work with her! Sorry it's a little short but these were some of the highlights this week!

Lowe Shimai

 There are a lot of beautiful rice fields like this in Maebaru!
 Beautiful Japan!

 We did our best to make Pizza! We made our own crust, and didn't have
cheese, but it was still good!

 A member took us to a cute family restaurant! We ate raw stingray (below)!

I love making trail mix with the stuff mom sends me!

Maebaru Shimai before Stake Conference yesterday!

 Pineapple bones!

A members' cute grand daughter!

 Narata Shimai! She's hilarious!

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  1. Very interesting, I don't know that I could eat raw stingray. The people are beautiful, as is the country. The Gospel is true. Love, Grandma