Thursday, March 12, 2015

Week 5 at the MTC

All the Shimai Tachi at the Temple
Minasan, Konichiwa!
(Hello everybody!)

It's been super cool to have the Japanese Missionaries with us! Some of them know English pretty well, and they are all super nice and super funny!! It's been really cool to try to communicate with them, which is pretty difficult still. But at the same time, I think by showing the effort to try to communicate has really fostered friendship between us all, despite the language barrier, which is super comforting.

Other than that, I've just been studying the gospel and learning Japanese! I have really enjoyed being at the MTC and having this opportunity to prepare to share the Gospel in Japan. On Sunday, Raines Shimai and I watched a devotional given by David A. Bednar a while a go. It's titled "The Character of Christ" it is an amazing talk about how we can come to understand who Jesus Christ really is. Elder Bednar really focused on how Christ always always always reaches out to others instead of being concerned about himself. (text),%20David%20A/BYU-Idaho--Ricks/BednarDA_CharacterOfChrist.mp3 (audio)

When we study the New Testament we can see this happen over and over. I know that as we reach out to serve and comfort others, we can become more like Christ. Even though it's going to be difficult in Japan, speaking the language and teaching people about Christ, I know that Christ qualifies who he calls. I know that as long as I am humble and trust in Him, relying on Him for my strength, that I can be an instrument in His hands to bless His children, or "Feed [His] Sheep" as it says in the New Testament. I am so grateful for this opportunity that I have to put myself aside and serve the Lord. I know this is where he needs me right now.

All of my love!!
Lowe Shimai
How many missionaries can we fit!?

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