Monday, February 29, 2016

Christ changes lives!

Naha week 12 - wk 42

Monday January 25, 2016
A midst 3 separate companionship exchanges this week, we still managed to prepare our friend Shimoji Riyoko to be baptized yesterday! It took some coordination and some late lessons at times but we taught her everyday and she was baptized on Sunday!!! She has changed so much from the first time we met her just a month ago. She has had so many difficult things in her life and before she met us she rarely left her apartment besides going to work. She was sad and lonely. But then she met Shimoji Michiko on the metra and after a while was introduced to us and started taking the lessons. There is a hope and happiness that has come into her life that is visible! She knows she can be forgiven of her mistakes and that Jesus Christ is her savior and that she has a Heavenly Father that loves her. And she's smiling so much now!! It was a wonderful miracle to end a crazy week. 

Also I was able to go on companionship exchanges with Cox Shimai (who lives in the same apartment as me) and she is absolutely wonderful. We got to talking about things we have learned about our missions. And I expressed how much I've come to understand that truly the best healing, the best light comes into our lives as we give ourselves freely to serving others. A lot of the time before my mission, when I would be stressed, I would turn in and say I need time to myself. But I have come to experience on my mission that when I have those moments of stress, and turn outward instead of in, it's so much better! I have not been as happy as I have been on my mission. It's because essentially every moment of everyday is devoted to uplifting and encouraging those around me. I know that as we follow Christ's example and Turn Out instead of In, whatever stress, sadness, guilt can disappear and you will be enveloped with the pure love of Jesus Christ. for my and Sister Bearman's transfer calls...President called us this morning before studies....Bearman Shimai will tranfer to Fukuoka Chukushino and will have a Japanese companion who is a pretty old missionary. I am really sad that she will be leaving me. I really love her a lot. Like alot. But I know she will do great things in Fukuoka!
My new companion and STL companion (apparently it's a new rule STL Companions have to be real companions too) will be Cox Shimai! Shes been in our apartment for this last transfer, working in a separate area (Naha East) but now she'll be working with me in my area! So crazy. Definitely didn't see this coming!!

With Love, 
Lowe Shimai 

Just before Shimoji Riyoko's baptism!
 Left to right: Lowe Shimai, Shimoji Michiko, Shimoji Riyoko, Bearman Shimai

Buttoned up because it's finally winter in Okinawa!

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