Sunday, February 28, 2016

Baptism coming soon!

Naha week 11 - wk 41

Monday January 18, 2016

This has been a really super awesome week! The woman Shimoji Riyoko I mentioned who met Shimoji Michiko on the train 3 weeks ago set a baptism date for January 24th!  So we have been teaching her everyday and will continue up until her baptism! It's been so much fun to teach someone who is as excited about being baptized as we are!

I can't believe my year mark is coming up. What does that even mean! It's going too fast! I still feel like a new missionary!

With Love, 
Lowe Shimai
 Eikaiwa (English classes we teach): left to right
 Maeda, Teruya (return missionary who is awesome), her friend, missionaries!
Cute boy asleep at Eikaiwa
Relief Society activities in Japan: Staple- large rice cooker!
It's probably half my size!

Beautiful scene and matching scarves
  The only time we are separated; if I cross and then the light turns red!
This is the elevator to our apartment- it has a home phone 
and a random picture, it's pretty homey ;)
 We made Laura's cinnamon rolls!

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