Friday, February 5, 2016

Friends, Food & Fun! Naha week 6 (wk 36)

Tuesday December 15, 2015
This last week Bearman Shimai got a weird virus. The rest of her was fine but she just felt super nauseous and couldn't eat very much, if anything at all. It went on for a couple of days, I made applesauce and eggs and spinach tortillas to try to get some nutrients into her body but after just a little bit of food, her stomach just didn't feel good. It's been getting better the past couple of days and she's been eating more so that's been good.

We've been focusing on strengthening the members in our ward by visiting them and sharing messages with them. It's so awesome the power that missionaries have to brighten people's days and strengthen their faith just by the small acts of service that we do. I love it. I think of it like I am a way to bring sunshine into other people's lives. This is just such a neat, unique opportunity that I have to spend this time where I can literally walk up to anyone and everyone and just become their friend, and share with them a message of hope and happiness through Jesus Christ.

We got transfer calls, we are both staying here and I will be a Sister Training Leader next transfer with Packard Shimai. I am excited! It will be a neat opportunity to get to know all the sisters because I will be going on splits with them, but it's also kind of scary because I'll be training during zone conferences!

Shuri castle from when China owned Okinawa 

            They have you take your shoes off at the castle! I didn't mind!

 Where the king sat

Okinawa shirts

 Cool cake shape that's delicious

 We met a really skilled sculptor, he let us chat for a few minutes. He
just does this all day! So cool!

  The Naha building was the first church in Okinawa!
 Kinjiou Shimai she was baptized in 1964!
 Shimoji's first FHE! [Family Home Evening]
Our district. Minus two elders that weren't there, oops.

At a members house, snack equals plain sweet potato, pinneapple jello and hot chocolate. Exactly three things I would put together! Haha!
 We sang at the ward Christmas party
 Food at the ward Christmas party
Awesome Teruya family

At a Relief Society activity we had a contest for who could make their sushi the prettiest! (Top left: me & my sushi; Top right: Awesome Murayama Shimai & her sushi; Bottom left Bearman Shimai's sushi; Bottom right: #8 is the one that won)


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  1. I think your Sushi looks pretty Lowe Shimai! The Castle was really interesting, thanks for sending a picture. Yes, you are a ray of sunshine, in more ways than one; but especially with spreading the 'Light of the Gospel' Love you, Grandma