Monday, February 29, 2016

Put your Trust in the Lord

Naha week 13 - wk 43 in Japan, wk 52 total

Monday February 1, 2016
This week Cox Shimai and I have been really focusing on strengthening and uplifting the members. There is an awesome talk that we read about how important it is as members to share our testimony and beliefs with those we love! This isn't just a message for Latter-Day Saints, it's a message that everyone needs to know. That through God's prophet Joseph Smith, The Church of Jesus Christ and His authority have been brought back, restored. And it is only through following the principles of His gospel that we can find true peace and happiness in this life and never-ending joy with our families in the life to come. I would definitely recommend this talk by Elder M. Russell Ballard `Put your Trust in the Lord` from October 2013 General Conference. It's wonderful!
Lowe Shimai

Beautiful Naha on our morning run (:

Bundled for the week of winter
Bearman Shimai & me with Shomoji Michiko
 The day Bearman Shimai left me


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  1. The week of winter!!! How nice that must be. Love you lots!