Sunday, June 26, 2016

Feeling lucky to be in Japan

Sasebo week 12 - wk 60 in Japan, wk 69 total

Monday May 30, 2016

Everyday that America gets closer, Japan I appreciate Even more. It's such a beautiful country, with awesome people, awesome food. I am so grateful to be here as a missionary, the best part is how many different people I have the opportunity of meeting. This is the one time in my life that I literally spend all day everyday talking to complete strangers about their lives, with my only purpose to help them experience more and more happiness through Jesus Christ.

There were a couple of really rainy days at the beginning of the week, which made for some really wet days. I can't even imagine how funny we look to people, walking around in the pouring rain, soaked head to foot, talking to people about Jesus Christ who haven't ever even heard of Him. And we do it voluntarily, we do it using our own money, we do it asking for nothing in return. And I love it! In the pouring rain, or the scorching, muggy heat of Japan, I absolutely love what I have the opportunity to do. Because I know that we have a Savior Jesus Christ, I know that He loves each of us individually and I know that no matter what we may be experiencing right now; despair, disappointment, guilt, depression, stress, pressure, He is there. He can help. I know this because He has helped me. I know that as we learn about Him in the Bible and the Book of Mormon, and as we pray, He will be there to pick us up when we fall down.

Our friend Miyazaki San was finally able to come to church on Sunday! She took work off a month ago so she could come. She's been so busy that we haven't been able to teach her for 3 weeks, but she was able to come to church! She's still really busy, but she is taking the first, very important steps to learning about and following the Savior Jesus Christ, and I can't wait for her to start experiencing the love He has for her. We were also able to have a really fun family night with a friend from the Japanese congregation, and her friends' family (not members but interested in Christianity), at an American member's house. It was so much fun to be together, and play games. At the end we all talked about how our family can and has been strengthened through Jesus Christ. It was a great experience to be able to see how Christ can help us in every aspect of our lives.

Sister Lowe

Our big family night with the Barnhill, hamaguchi and hashiguchi families
Mills family from Idaho, they made us their family famous pizza!
  Miyazaki San at church!
Yesterday, an old man pulled up next to us in a pink car, waved us
over, gave us cake through the window, waved us away and drove off.
Not a word was said. So weird! But it was good anyway (:

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