Monday, June 6, 2016

Rules = Protection

Naha week 18 - wk 48 in Japan, wk 57 total

Tuesday March 8, 2016

Our Mission President called this morning, I'm going back to Nagasaki zone, I'll be in Sasebo area!! My new companion is Madeaux Shimai, we were in the MTC together! (when I first came I was in the Nagasaki zone but Nagasaki area)  I'm so sad to leave Naha and Cox Shimai, but I'm excited
to be going back to Nagasaki Zone. There is a military base there, and an American ward!

This was the strangest week of my mission.  Due to the personal nature of some things that happened regarding others, I am not going to discuss in detail.  However, due to these experiences I was reminded of the importance and power of prayer, and that rules are given to protect us, not to restrict us.  More specifically, the guidance given to us by God regarding our health, referred to as the Word of Wisdom, counsels us, in part, to refrain from the use of alcohol and tobacco and other addictive and harmful substances.  While some see this as restrictive, following this guidance ensures our freedom from addiction.

On the bright side, I love being a missionary! I'll write more next week!

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