Friday, June 10, 2016


Sasebo week 10 - wk 58 in Japan, wk 67 total

Monday May 16, 2016

This week was really good. We biked up lots of Mountains, spent several days soaked from head to toe in the rain, and made lots of people smile along the way (:

Miyazaki San is doing great! She came to a sports night we had with some of our church friends and English Class Students. We got a letter from a lady we met while we were knocking on doors, on
cold rainy night about a month ago, her nickname is Smiley. That night while riding to another place, my back bike light fell off into the road. We were running late for an appointment so I just left it. But
the light was really important because it was a gift from sister Bearman. So I was a little sad, but we had to keep going. Then our appointment didn't show up even though we had arranged for a friend to
come along too, so they had driven 30 minutes to come with us. It was pretty disappointing. Afterwards I wanted to go see if my light was still where it had fallen, so we rode back up a mountain to find it. We ended up finding it but it was dead, probably had been run over. Not having much time left before curfew, we found a nearby apartment to talk to people. That's when we found Smiley. She was super sweet and turns out her husband had just died three days before. She lets us in and we chatted, she speaks English really well. We testified that she can see her husband again. It was a really pleasant visit and then we headed home.

Fast forward a month later and Madeux Shimai goes back to visit her and she had written us a letter and made us each a stamp. The letter basically explained that she was so grateful to have met me and Madeux Shimai and it had been exactly what she needed. I bawled when I read it. She was one of only a few people we talked to that night, but she was exactly who God needed us to talk to that night. He loves each of us individually and looks out for and comforts us through others. I am
so grateful to be those hands right now.

With Love,

Lowe Shimai 
 Soaked as a district, after biking up a mountain.

Miyazaki San thought we were cute
in our rain suits so she snapped a pic
Sports night! So fun (:
Miyazaki San and us at the sports night (:

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  1. You are doing a wonderful service as a missionary Sarah. I know you made a difference in 'Smiley's' life. Love you lots, Grandma.