Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Sasebo week 9

Sasebo week 9 - wk 57 in Japan, wk 66 total

Monday May 9, 2016

This has been a really great week. We had an awesome lesson with Miyazaki San on Monday, her faith is definitely growing! And she took off work so that she can come to church in a couple of weeks. I'm so excited for her!

Tuesday we went to Arita with a member, Hara Shimai. We got to look at lots of cool hand made pottery. Wednesday we helped an awesome American member organize her house. Then went over to a Japanese member's house. He is older and is blind so nurses usually bring him dinner. But this week we (the 6 missionaries) made dinner for him. It was so fun, he was so happy. We literally get to spend all day finding ways to help other people be happy. It's the best feeling.

Thursday we went to Saga where we had interviews with our Mission President. It was so good. It was just a good reminder to me that Heavenly Father loves each of us unconditionally. Even when we feel like we aren't doing good enough, He still continues to love us perfectly.

I say this all the time but, looking outside of ourselves and trying to help those around us really is the best feeling in the world. It can be the cure for homesickness, depression, low self esteem, anxiety, any bad feeling. Because when we serve others we can feel the love that Christ has for us and everyone.

Much Love!
We got matching Pineapple pants!

Our day looking at pottery with Hara Shimai

 Had dinner by the docks on a rainy day!

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