Tuesday, June 7, 2016


Sasebo week 8 - wk 56 in Japan, wk 65 total

Monday May 2, 2016

This was a really good week. We met with a lot of members and shared a little bit of sunshine with them. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY.  I love being able to spend all of my time figuring out how I can help others and help them feel loved. We are seeing a lot of miracles, even in the little things.

One of the ladies we have taught before, invited us to come back to weed her yard, which never happens! The Japanese people are very much, "I can do this myself, I don't need help" mindset. So the fact she's letting us serve her is huge! And one of the ladies we are teaching, Miyazaki San, she is really interested in learning with us. She has a lot of questions and a strong desire to find the answers. And one of her neighbors came and told her not to let us come over and teach any more because they didn't want to hear our religious talk. So she said that she'd probably have to stop meeting with us, and it's too far of a walk to the church because she doesn't have a car, BUT! One of our church member friends, offered to have the lessons at the near by auto shop that she owns! Definitely a miracle. And Miyazaki San is willing to walk to the shop to meet with us! I am so excited to teach her.

Also, while we were knocking on doors this week, we found a lady from Zimbabwe, and she wants to come to our fun activity at the church this Saturday! ALSO, another of our church friends, introduced a really nice friend to us yesterday that we will probably be able to teach soon. ALSO, a guy in the navy came to church for the first time in a long time yesterday!

I am so grateful to be a part of the Lords work here in Japan. There is not one person that cannot benefit from the love and support and strength that our Savior Jesus Christ gives to us. I know that to be true, and because of that I go out everyday to find the people who are willing to reach out and accept the gifts the Savior is always so willing to give.


Lowe Shimai

I even love being a missionary when 
we are soaking wet from riding our bikes in the rain

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