Sunday, June 26, 2016

Titles are hard to think of sometimes, but this week in Japan...

Sasebo week 14 - wk 62 in Japan, wk 71 total

Monday June 13, 2016

Nothing too crazy this week. But still really awesome. This week in our English class, we learned shapes and colors. For the advanced students, we acted like we were in a hair salon and they had to do our hair. It was a lot of fun, we had wigs and bows and clips, they got to try out the blonde wigs.

Also this week a member, Sister Mori, took us out to a Thai Restaurant. On the way there, I asked what kind of car she was driving. She said it isn't hers, it's her husbands. It's the only one he lets her drive. It's an Audi! She said he has five other  cars too, one of which, only 100 were made in Japan. That doesn't sound cheap! Anyways, the food was absolutely amazing! The owner is from Thailand and is really funny. Sister Ehlers got a sweet (not spicy) curry. He came by and said "the kids in Thailand don't even eat that!" Referring to how everyone, even the children eat super spicy things.

On Friday, we helped sister Small get ready for her sons graduation party.

On Saturday, we met with Marco San. We met her about 2 months ago, she's Japanese but spent 55 years in America (married an American) but has retired to Japan. She's Baptist, so we talked about her experience converting to Christianity and what that means to her. It was just refreshing to talk to someone who believes in Christ. She said she would read the Book of Mormon, after she's caught up with her Bible reading of course.

Those were some of the highlights this week (:

I love being here, I love it more and more everyday. I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior and because of that, he is with us every step of our journey. Good and Bad, he's always there to help lift, encourage and help us.

Sister Lowe
Cool plants at the restaurant
 Mori Shimai and me at the restaurant (:
The Thai food we ate this week! It was so delicious!

They love beans here. A member gave us muffins and we thought there
may nuts or chocolate inside, but...they were bean muffins.
 Our zone this transfer
 Dark hair is Marco San
 Awesome youth in our American branch (:

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