Monday, June 6, 2016

Sasebo week 3

Sasebo week 3 - wk 51 in Japan, wk 60 total

Monday March 28, 2016

We had a really awesome week. We had training from mission President Egan and his awesome wife. It was so cool to hear about all the miracles happening in the mission.

And a lady in our English class loves exposing us to Japanese culture, so she brought some live fish for us to eat! Ice fish. They were clear fish and you rinse them and put them in soy sauce, and cheers! You just swallow them while they are still squirming. It feels really weird.

Also, last night we had a really awesome Easter. We had dinner with a member from the Military branch ( which I realized I have been super lucky on my mission, I've had Thanksgiving and Easter dinner with American families, which means yummy American food!) and Sister Bergman's friend Emily and her daughters came over too. We were able to talk about the Savior's life and how He suffered for us in Gethsemane and on the cross. And how he rose again on the third day. Afterwards we were able to go over to Emily's house and help her pack for a trip and clean her house! It was so much fun. I love serving others, it's truly the best feeling to know that you've helped make another's load lighter. At the end of the night, Emily told us with tears in her eyes that his is the best Easter she's had in a while. And my heart was just full of love! For her and for my Savior Jesus Christ who loves each of us so much!

This week we were able to meet and teach a lady named Takai. She's really nice. It was cold when we knocked on her door so she let us in and we talked in her doorway. We came back and taught her two more times! She's starting work next week so she can't really meet very often anymore, but we are still going to try to visit her (:  Here is her picture:

From left: Tateishi Shimai (a member), then Takai San.

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