Monday, June 6, 2016

Why there are so many different Christian churches?

Naha week 17 - wk 47 in Japan, wk 56 total

Monday February 29, 2016

As a Sister Training Leader, we get to have the other Sisters on Okinawa come stay at our apartment for a day and then we go proselyting together. It's such an awesome opportunity to be strengthened by others and to help encourage and uplift others as well.

There is a member in our Ward that knows how to hula dance, like they do in Hawaii. She teaches a free class at the church and so we've started going, and inviting friends to come too! This week our friend from Taiwan (who fed us the octopus and shrimp) came too! It was a lot of fun! Also we met a really awesome mom (Oohama San) a few days ago and she invited us back yesterday. She had a lot of questions about why there are so many different Christian churches and why are they all different. We were able to teach her about the restoration of Jesus Christ's Church and she was very impressed. It seems like we were able to help answer a lot of her questions. We are meeting her again this week!

I love being a missionary. This last week was a little difficult. It's easy to feel incompetent and like we aren't doing enough or we aren't good enough. And that thought pattern often turns into, then why try? But I came to understand this week that that way of thinking is prideful and not in any way helpful. I quickly turned back to my Savior, I humbled myself, recognizing that I am weak, and that there are things I can do better. And that because of the Savior, I can overcome those weaknesses, I can always improve, there is always a reason to keep trying. Because it is in that process of always trying to become better, even if we slip and fall, that we become more like the Savior. And as we do so, we are able remain hopeful and therefore, happy. I love Ether 12:4 and share it with people all the time. When we believe in God and His Son Jesus Christ, we can hope for a better world. We have the hope the enables us to keeping moving forward.

I love this gospel and I love sharing it.

With Love,

Lowe Shimai

This is what I look like when I stop to talk to people on the streets.
Pretty cute huh? I think the helmet just makes it (:
Blue sweater- Oohama San


  1. You are so right Sarah, if we truly believe in our Savior, Jesus Christ, we will always have HOPE! Satan tries hard to get us down and discouraged--one of his greatest tools, but with the hope of Jesus Christ we can overcome him and continue forward one day, one step at a time. Love you Bunches! Grandma